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We sustain youth with potential in IT, we offer them support to grow
and follow a career in this domain.


Our projects have two directions. On the one hand the activities are directed to bring attention to this area: young people without a computer (limited financial possibilities) , girls with potential in IT and people from minority who want a career in IT.

On the other hand our programs are dedicated to attracting young talented people who are just starting their career to provide them support to grow rapidly, to provide a springboard . This second step completes the first direction .

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More than one billion people in the world navigate a disability at some point in their life. We have focused on ethnical and racial equality in the first 3 years of our existence and now we are extending our target to disabled people with excellent abilities in technology. Weather it be physical, sensory, cognitive, mental, visible or non-visible, disabilities touch all of us. We support and care for the ones able to perform despite their disabilities.