Growth & Impact

To be able to grow, prople need to interact with the full lifecycles of the products we are building. These issues include management, leadership, communication, organizational philosophy, volunteering, support and staffing.

The demand for STEM is growing.

Not all youth are able to participate


Some of the current and previous projects

Pakivalo ButiQ

Pakivalo Butiq deals with the social reintegration of roma and as a partner, EffectIO considers their IT training.

Discounted Plugins

Members gain access to automatic updates that helps them with managing and keeping safe multiple WordPress sites, out-of-the-box.


Free plugin that gets rid of ads and nagging notifications in the WordPress Admin panel.

Support for Learners

Working with people all over the world to get them involved in practical, real life projects - from support to technical development.

Why Online & IT?

Youth can start with almost no resources – one computer and one internet connection will completely change what people are able to build, from anywhere in the world.